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SL Plastics Custom Moulding

S.L Plastics is an Australian owned specialist Injection Moulding company dedicated to providing quality, low pricing and excellent service to you, the client.

If you have ideas you wish to bring to the marketplace, talk to us confidentially and we will assist you in designing, pricing and producing a product to achieve your market goals.

We mould in a wide range of raw materials including nylon, acetals, acetates, acrylics, styrenes and polyolefins. We will colour match, even for short runs.

Together with our modern moulding machinery ranging from 15 tonne to 180 tonne capacity, and having been established since 1973, our experience in the industry proudly delivers the quality and specifications demanded by you, the customer.

Once we accept your order we will guarantee to deliver on the time specified. We have an excellent track record of meeting tight deadlines... We are never late.

Our pricing is exceptionally competitive, however other factors add to the reason why price alone should not be the sole determiner.

  • quality
  • ease of communication
  • ability to monitor progress
  • short start up lead times
  • production time
  • the ability to have progressive delivery
  • ready available local storage
  • reliability

Our GUARANTEE is on quality, pricing and service. Our maxim is:

Big Enough to Deliver, Small Enough to Care.

Success stories about our construction of new molds and tight production deadlines are a consistent theme of outcomes for our many corporate customers.
Our ambition to provide production solutions for you is inspired by these achievements.

Beating China at their own Game.

National SIDS Day

In the first year of the promotion of red noses for SIDA in Australia (1989), the red noses were imported from China. The engineers at SL Plastics felt it could be done competitively, but being a labour intensive item how can any Australian company compete with the cheap Chinese labour? After several brain storming sessions and prototype trials, a successful design eventuated for an innovative thread tying machine. We not only produced a higher quality product but were able to manufacture at a cheaper price than China.

From the premises of manufacture, SL Plastics molded, packaged and despatched to all areas around Australia.

Over the years, millions of "funny red noses" have been produced by S.L.Plastics and sold by SIDS resulting in a profitable campaign for research and sudden infant death syndrome factor reduction campaigns.

Bottle Stopper Launch of a new wine

We were approached by an advertising company to help in the launch of a promotion for a famous wine. The lead time to the launch was very short and 250,000 units were required to be at the point of sale in a matter of 8 weeks. The design for the bottle stopper, molding criteria and cost implications were discussed by client staff and our design personnel, and with all aspects successfully resolved, a new mould was constructed. Production, packaging and distribution worked around the clock to produce 250,000 units within 8 weeks from mold construction to completion of production and individual packaging. The on time completion was a total success and Southcorp were a very happy wine producer.

Pharmaceutical stand for a Point of Sale

An Australian pharmaceutical company were launching a new point of sale display for a lip balm. A stand was required that would be placed on the counter of every pharmacy in Australia supplied with their product. The stand had to display the same product which came in 3 different containers in an easy refillable stand, but still be resistant to spilling. It had to have clean, crisp eye catching appeal. We worked with their team and manufactured a 3 tiered stand made of acrylic. The actual moulding was in 5 pieces which were assembled to provide a mark free product delivered in a perfect scratch free condition. Another very satisfied customer.

We are currently working with another medical company providing them with export quality products for sale in the competitive and demanding USA market.

Once we accept your order we will guarantee to deliver on the time specified. We have an excellent track record of meeting tight deadlines... We are never late.

Our other manufacturing has been and is being utilised by:

  • The commonwealth bank
  • The ANZ bank
  • Westpac bank
  • National Australia bank
  • Telstra
  • Nestle
  • Coca Cola
  • Philips
  • Smiths Snack vend
  • Pace Farm
  • Australian institute of sport
  • The Lion King Show
  • Honda, Holden, to name a few.

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